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Modeling Business Processes with Swimlanes
In a swimming pool, there are lanes designated for swimmers. Swimmers get their own lanes to swim in without swimming across another. The concept of swimming lanes also exists in BPMN.

What is Swimlanes in BPMN?

Swimlane objects (aka: Swimlanes) in BPMN are rectangular boxes that represent participants of a business process.
  • A swimlane may contains flow objects that are performed by that lane (participant), except for black box that must have an empty body (we will talk about black box later on in this tutorial).
  • Swimlanes may be arranged horizontally or vertically.
  • They are semantically the same but just different in representation.
  • For horizontal swimlanes, process flows from left to right, while process in vertical swimlanes flow from top to bottom.
  • Examples of swimlanes include Customer, Account Department, Payment Gateway and Development Team.

Watch Demo

This tutorial will show you how to create swimlanes (e.g. pools, lanes) in business process diagram.

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